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Hi everybody joe here and today we’re gonna go over topic mojo.
This is an S. E. O tool that you can currently get a
lifetime deal for on AppSumo. prices start at $49. You can stack multiple codes.
We want more queries per month.
Here is the topic mojo dashboard.
You could see some cool cats and yeah you think the
founder of topic mojo likes cats.
If you don’t like cats and you like dogs you’re probably
still gonna enjoy topic mojo.
It’s a pretty powerful tool to help you jumpstart your S.
C. O. Workflow.
let’s check out the topic models. And here basically you
enter in your key word or phrase first.
You want to think about what and who you’re writing
for, what you’re writing about.
Of course think of the user first.
You want to have a good good quality content but
sometimes where to start.
So say we want to write something about Halloween.
What we would do is we would just enter in Halloween
you can check the area that you want to search for and
what language submit lean it’s a few seconds back the
results you go for.
Halloween brings you back to search trends for the last year.
Here you can see that last october there was a high search volume.
Obviously it’s Halloween and then it kind of quiet it
down on christmas this year.
It’s been quiet and I’ll be next month or so. It’s going to
spike again. Halloween here.
Review and a section on twitter about Halloween. Just
break out searches.
Yes researching for Halloween the most later topics
people always ask you know and ceos even
contemplate what SEO tools should be part of your
workflow and where to start.
First thing you should always keep in mind is you want
to provide good content for the user and what’s the
user intent on your website?
You want to basically write video, draw, create.
So the user has an enjoyable experience and get some
knowledge in return.
So the first step, the first tool is your brain.
You know, you want to step one, what am I gonna right?
Am I an authority on on writing this subject or filming this topic?
And Step two would be a tool like topic Mojo. Now you
have other keyword Explorer tools out there.
Or many SEO tools have the keyword under Explorer
tool within them.
But topic mojo gives you a keyword Explorer but also
what is going on on the internet.
What are the buzz words? And not just with google, but
you can go through videos, what’s on Youtube right
now popular to help inspire your writing and your
creativity check out the forms.
Everything we do at Halloween again, a magazine,
topic models of magazine filled with your daily
information, your nuggets of knowledge that are across
the web and to help push you to write things that will
take it to the next level.
Good to have a tool like this that can assist you so
you’re not going in blindly you right, But then you need
some a little bit of research on the side and that’s
where topic motive comes in instagram.

So that Halloween, you see it branches out into which,
which is which are which Halloween character are you?
Which Halloween movies are worth watching?
So you go and you’re like, hey, I want to write
something about Halloween, maybe you, are you going
to elect topic mojo?
And all of a sudden you’re like, wow, which Halloween
monster are you?
I want to write about that old son didn’t even think
about that, but it’s still on the same path that you were headed.
It just kind of speeds up the process.
Put your grouping, so your phrases for Halloween, like
which Halloween movies to watch?
Which rate of Halloween puzzle, which Halloween is
rob zombie goes into Halloween movies themselves.
Besides just the Holiday of Halloween, your queries.
This is pretty helpful.
Which Halloween movies Cannon, which movies are
the best and then you’ll see the trends that they show
up and underneath here, you would see your Adwords
difficulty, see if you can find anything, it’s one which Halloween costumes.
100% difficulty shows trends rates. See this one here.
Alright, we move is Jamie lee Curtis in.
Alright, that doesn’t have a low Edwards difficulty.
This is these parts here add on which is currently I
believe $9 a month for a long time.
The add on, this is right now I’m on a this other free
trial just popped up the free trial topic mojo that I have
set up just to show you what you get with topic mojo.
If you don’t get paid to add on.
So this information, you will not get you all that in the
middle there, you won’t get, you won’t get this stuff.
E I’m not just showing up for Halloween because I don’t
know, it’s not really popular but to see like which make
up for Halloween josie the Edwards difficulty score.
You know, basically giving you some more information.
and even the founders said he added this because
people wanted one tool to show all the data difficulty,
the Edwards difficulty to trending within one tool.
But if you have other tools you can get that information there.
All of his tools not to get too hung up in the data kind
of, this tool helps inspire you to create and to not keep it.
So scientific. Yeah, this is basically what you get, you
still get all this without the add on.
You get everything, you just won’t get the trends down
here and the other like the Edwards difficulty score.
So I don’t think that’s Really necessary.
You can get away without it, but for $9 a mother figure,
why not? I’ll get it.
Just give you a little bit extra stuff.
These queries, a nice back in the model section, new
york here.
Search volume 1300 the trend.
Well this is what you get with the add on and then we
would click on it.
The Edwards difficulty again. You can get this with
other keyword tools but it’s nice to get the ed on here
just so you don’t have to jump from tool to tool.
Very cool. That’s so we went through the model part of
topic mojo and see all the phrases and search volumes trends.
It gives you a lot and you just keep going through this
page after page jump start things for you or help you
and your writing.
Then you also have your questions part. See what both.
Yeah asking out there which takes a few seconds topic
Machos similar to another popular tool out there,
answer the public which is an expensive tool.
so if you can get a lifetime deal version of that tool, why not?
That’s what drew my interest with topic mojo and also
the founder again the topic mojo is behind some other
great tools like rand overflow, very involved in S. E. O.
Toole’s. He’s got even more coming out soon. The guy
just doesn’t stop.
So basically any tool he’s behind seems to do pretty well.
Now Magnolia is searching more questions because
things to write about then an answer to questions.
Popular questions that are out there that people are
asking that can help you with your ceo search volumes again again.
of course, Halloween last year. Spike questions so you
can right off the bat just go here and say why is
Halloween bad that it’s about the search button with 3
20 trends kind of quiet it down but it’s going to pick up
in the next month because Halloween is around the
corner, this is from google but so bad and now there’s
no difficulty because it’s quiet big seats coming up again.
Search volumes increasing. Halloween is coming.
Movie Halloween. How did Halloween start? Why now?
But it’s picking up these Yeah, the holiday is on its way
so we have the google searches we saw also great to
see what’s going on on Reddit.
There’s a lot of chatter and read it.
So topic Mojo will kind of pull the curtain back on what
people are asking on reddit.
A lot of people go there to get their questions answered
course for the popular one bends the volumes difficulty.
Not only did you get the model, you get the questions
so what did we learn today that Halloween search
volumes currently are not that high because it’s people
aren’t ready for Halloween season just yet.
and two topic Mojo is pretty solid tool to help you create content.
Founder of topic moto gets it, he created a tool to help
of users get their writing out there without ruining their
workflow and without making it all about the science
the data so it gives you plenty of data.
But it’s meant to guide you a lot of tools these days,
just about data.
The numbers where this will give you much more of an
overview on what’s going on Youtube, instagram Reddit
cora basically everywhere in one place.
So if you’re in Tassio or you’re into creating content, I
just want to right, you want to do something on Youtube
or you’re looking for a cool Halloween costume idea.
I highly recommend topic mocha. All right. Thanks a lot.
Have a good day.