The Cartoon Maker

We are known as the cartoon maker, and have been drawing toons for a very long time. Cartooning has been the cornerstone of our business since the late 90’s.  Cartoons, or toons, are a fantastic way to expand your brand.  Toons can be drawn static or animated, depending on your needs.  All that our illustrators need to create your custom cartoon is a photo or two and any special requests.  We have drawn many toon avatars that have been displayed all over social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Once the drawing is approved you will receive digital files that may be printed on shirts, stickers, posters, etc.  Check out our Toon World. Drop us a line and let the sketching begin!

The Toon Process

First we start with the sketch, just to get an idea of what’s going on.  Then after sketch approval, we redraw the toon as a wireframe in a vector program by hand. Finally, fill in the color and add all the details. 

toon sketch
Toon Sketch
wireframe drawing
Wireframe Drawing
completed toon
Completed Toon