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Social media is a big reality of our times that we cannot ignore at any cost. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc have become an integral part of the daily lives of all the people. Social media influences every aspect of the lives of the people, including their buying behavior and preferences. Knowing this, no business worth his weight in salt can today ignore social media marketing. If you are frustrated by giant strides taken by your competitors and wondering what you need to do to catch up with them, you have come to the right place. We are LoudEgg, a leading social media marketing company on Long Island and we have helped many businesses reach new heights of success by handling their social media marketing campaigns.

There is no dearth of social media management services in the market. What makes us most loved and popular marketing agency in Long Island is the fact that we deliver on our promises and achieve long lasting results for our clients. The skills and experience of our social media experts ensures that your business and brand become the talking point in the town and more and more people start to take interest in your company and its products.

Why You Need Aggressive Marketing On Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are the only social media platforms that people think of when they are made to realize the importance of these networks. However, there are many more media platforms that your business needs a presence on to increase your customer base and to interact with your target group of customers. In fact, many clients do not need an account and profile on Twitter to interact meaningfully with their customers. We at LoudEgg make a detailed analysis of the nature of business of the client and then decide the social media platforms he needs to be active upon. We also chalk out the strategy of social media advertising and posts to arouse the curiosity of his customers.

What We Can Do For You

You have ignored social media marketing to the peril of your own business. We can help you get more business that is being grabbed by your competitors by looking after your social media campaign. The key to a successful social media campaign lies in finding which of these platforms are more suitable for connecting with your target group of customers. But this is only the first step.  It requires chalking out a comprehensive strategy on different platforms and then implementing it to create a buzz around your brand and business.

Social media services offered by LoudEgg

  • Social consultancy
  • Nature and tone of interaction on social media
  • Brand management on social media
  • Social PPC
  • PR on social media
  • Monitoring of social media account
  • Reporting and analysis


Accounts and profiles that match the nature of your business

Our social media experts try to understand the objectives and the challenges your business is facing. Every business is different and we create a social media marketing plan for a client that is based upon the needs and requirements of his business and also perfectly matches his own personality. After all, your business is a reflection and extension of your own personality, desires, and aspirations. We weave all of these aspects together to create a story that relates with your target group of customers and makes them curious to learn more about it. This is how we create social media profiles and accounts of our clients.

Tailor made solutions for clients

There is no one size fits all policy at our end. We understand that every business is unique, and it is this uniqueness that we try to integrate into the social media accounts of our clients. We try to find out what appeals the most to your customers and how we can relate it to your account on different social media platforms. What makes us different from our competitors is the fact that we allow full control of our clients in the management of their social media accounts. We understand that it becomes boring for your customers to be constantly bombarded with one-way messages designed by us from your end. We allow you to talk to your customers on a one n one basis which is good for your business. It gives you a more humane face and helps in developing positive sentiments in the minds of your friends and followers. We don’t take complete control over your social media accounts there is a freshness and difference in the media campaigns of our clients.

We help in expanding the reach of a business

Social media is a very powerful medium that has the capacity to give exponential exposure to your business. We beg to differ from other marketing agencies who chalk out a strategy and then start creating a series of posts and shares to bombard the audiences with one-way messages. We understand that effective social media marketing is much more than sending savvy messages to audiences. We optimize your posts and shares by understanding the unique nature of your business.

At LoudEgg, we take stock of the current media marketing efforts of a client to identify his mistakes. We have experts in social media marketing who know the latest techniques and tools to be used for the promotion of a business on social media. But they also know that what works best for one business might not work at all in the case of another business. Therefore, they develop social media strategy for a client that best serves his interests and objectives. They monitor the implementation of this strategy and keep a close watch on the results to make suitable changes in the strategy as and when required. This is how they can accelerate the marketing efforts of a client on social media.

No matter what the size and nature of your business, contact LoudEgg today to know how we can help your business in increasing its presence and coverage on social media.

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