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Pay Per Click

LoudEgg is not only the go-to Long Island web design company. We are also your best choice for setting up and tracking pay per click marketing campaigns. To find out if pay per click marketing is a good choice for your business and for help doing the job right, talk to our experts at LoudEgg.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing (PPC) is an internet marketing model in which you place an ad (typically with Google) and pay them for each time someone clicks on your advertisement. It is an alternative to attracting visits to your website using search engine optimization. Many advertisers find that they attract a lot of traffic with their ads and either make sales directly from the ad or by driving traffic from there to their website and a sales funnel. To do successful pay per click marketing there are a few things that you need to know and things that you need to do. When you work with us at LoudEgg, we will help you do the job right and profitably.

Setting Up Pay Per Click Advertising

As with all of the services that we offer, we will help you integrate your pay per click marketing into your broader internet marketing strategy. Your ad and the ad copy needs to introduce you, your products, and your services, and convince readers to click to the next step. Our content writers will make certain that what the reader finds after clicking the ad will be answer questions they had when they first saw the ad. We will set up a seamless content set that will interest readers in your products and services and drive them toward sales.

Although pay per click does not rely directly on building a website with strong SEO, you need to pay attention to SEO in order to gain attention from people who are searching for information about your kinds of products and services. It is important to know that extremely popular search terms will cost more per click than less popular terms. We will help you find the “sweet spot” where you use terms that get you traffic but do not drain your advertising budget.

Tracking Pay Per Click Advertising

Every advertising campaign has a budget. When you work with us to set up and track pay per click ads, we will help you manage your budget and keep close tabs on both how much money you are paying and how successful your campaign is. When you do a pay per click campaign you want to make sure that a high percentage of the clicks that you are paying for turn into sales of your products and services. When you work with us at LoudEgg, we will help you make certain that is the case!

From picking the best keywords to writing persuasive content to helping you track your PPC campaign, the experts at LoudEgg will help you do the job right from start to finish. We are happy to set up stand-along PPC campaigns or integrate these campaigns into a broader internet marketing strategy.

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