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When it comes to mobile app development, our LoudEgg app developers on Long Island can bring your dreams to life whether you own a small, mid-size, or large business. You’ll likely face similar issues like in the following categories: training staff members, customer service, financial management, customer loyalty, engaging your customers, finding new clients, inefficient or outdated technology, etc. 

Mobile apps are incredibly versatile and diverse in its functionality. You can utilize your apps in many ways to increase customer loyalty, send customers notifications,  pre-order items in advance, improve brand recognition, acquire new customers, and increase your profits with additional upsells. The point is, the opportunities are endless. The biggest challenge when it comes to mobile apps is finding a trusted developer who can design a fully functional and powerful app that meets all of your business needs. As a consultancy, we’re not just developing a digital solution for you and walking away. We truly take the time to get to know your business thoroughly. Our team of strategists and Long Island app developers will find out how we can solve your business problems and make your business more efficient with our mobile app development service. Our approach has been used in many sectors by some of the most recognizable businesses to deliver real value.

What is Mobile App Development?

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Simply put, mobile app development is a type of software created designed to run on smartphones where the application is pre-installed onto the device to provide an “application-like” experience.  Thus, the app development process means building software bundles and incorporating back-end services like data access with an API to work on your targeted device. The process of the development cycle consists of developing, test, release, monitor, and analyze.

Why Do You Need Mobile App Development?

If you have a business, you can capitalize on your current mobile apps’ current trends and further engage your customer base.  Here are a few stats that may convince you that mobile apps are incredibly powerful and useful to your business.

  • 68% of the United States population own a smart phone
  • 90% of the time, smart phone users spend their time in apps
  • 26% of these individuals look up apps in the search engine
  • Apps downloads are expected to grow 16% within the next 5 years

When prospects or customers download your app,  they’ll have a visual reminder whenever they unlock their phone and scroll through their menu. With mobile apps, you can also promote your app download on all social media platforms by paying for advertising. Keep your customers engaged by adding special promotional offers, fun challenges, or unlocking new rewards through the app.

Build Customer Loyalty

One of the primary reasons to create a mobile app is to increase customer loyalty. With an app, you can easily communicate with your customers without being spam. Look at how Starbucks engages its customers with its app. You can earn points and unlock different levels based on how much you purchase their coffee or other menu items. Once you reach their gold status, you unlock premium bonuses that other customers don’t access. Give special perks to users for simply downloading your app, such as a coupon code. Having users download your app is one way to see who your most loyal customers are.

What Our Team of Long Island App Developers Can Offer


Mobile App Developer NYCBefore moving into the design or developmental phase, you should first determine your goals for a mobile app and dive into the research portion to find out who your competitors and target audience is. We’ll give a thorough assessment of your business and walk you by answering the following questions to design the perfect mobile app.

  • Why do you want to have a mobile app and what are you looking to accomplish with it?
  • How does a mobile app fit into your marketing plans?
  • How do you want your customers to interact with your app?
  • What do you want the user experience to be like?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • Which platform will you use?
  • What is your budget for this project?
  • What are your competitors offering? ‘
  • When do you expect to have your app launched by?
  • How are you looking to promote your app?

With our decades of combined industry and award winning experience, we can provide informed feedback to your answers and pave the way for a smooth mobile app development process. 

Here are our four unique features that we pride ourselves on in the discovery phase before moving onto the development aspect.

Innovation Lab – We help you understand how your business can utilize and embrace the latest technology to solve your existing and future challenges.

Research and Insight – Our strategists and app developers on Long Island work with you to understand your customers, business, and challenges before delivering our suggestions and findings.

Design Sprint – A five-phase exercise that finds the best solutions to a challenge enabling us to develop, learn, and test from a prototype product quickly.

Product Strategy – We work with you to clarify your expectations, develop a roadmap, and ensure the app is more than just a set of features but deliver real value to your customers.

Market Research

Our team of Long Island app developers believes in an efficient, yet thorough analysis and research to ensure our clients have everything they need to make well-informed product choices. First, we start by doing a competitor analysis. This entails researching the market landscape to identify key players,  why they are successful, and improve upon.  We determine which specialties our clients thrive in and how we can leverage those traits to bring into the marketplace. Our team will meet with key stakeholders in your organization to fully comprehend KPI’s and business objectives. These meetings help bring the various groups together to shoot for a common purpose and finalize our mobile app development strategy. Next, our Long Island app developers bring in user groups to offer user feedback and validation. This test group will question our strategy and validate business assumptions. We don’t believe that we have all the answers. That’s why we get in-depth feedback from potential users in your target market, and we listen to them early in the process to save us the time of re-doing the project in the future.

App Design

Our dedicated app developers can craft smart solutions with high-quality, professional-grade custom product designs and research-backed strategies. As the premier Island app developers, we are absolute fanatics about the entire UX/UI design process, so that your customers receive an out-of-body user experience. We take a deep dive to ensure the design is impeccable so that when using the app, your eyes are drawn to taking the action that you’d like. For example, you can use bold fonts and banner headers to draw attention to your choice promotions. Furthermore, we work with our clients to integrate a brand design that fits their slogan or theme. Our frontend team of app developers are enthusiastic about building a pixel-perfect user interface so that we can bring the designs to life. We develop an advanced iOS or android app, and a modern web-based application using a mobile-first approach to ensure performance is a priority.

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Besides the front-end, our team of app developers ensures back-end and API development so that our clients receive a fully functional app. Additionally, our mobile app developers ensure quality assurance testing once the app design and development of the project are completed. We identify all issues that come up so that everything functions well before launched in the marketplace. Analytics is set up to measure data on how well our design has performed.

Launch and Growth

Crafting the mobile app is only part of the job. Ongoing maintenance and management of digital products also need to be done, and that’s where our app developers come in. Our mobile app Eggheads spearhead the whole app store process from beginning to end by leading our clients on the best strategies for optimal adoption. Our mobile app development company in New York has a proven track record for getting apps approved in a short amount of time, and our clients appreciate our expertise in the nuances of promoting an app. We incorporate analytics before launching your mobile app and utilize data points to help comprehend what new updates need to be made. Our app developers study user interactions and behaviors to make better decisions. Once the app has been launched, we believe in moving to a more agile approach towards development. This means our mobile app developers will make meaningful product releases and updates to ensure that your app is continuously improving.

Who Is It For?

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As a mobile app development company, we’re located in New York, however, we serve customers worldwide. Our clients range in all sectors, such as tech startups, restaurants,  gyms, dentists,  physical therapists, financial institutions, and more. We, as app developers pride ourselves on building exception software and outstanding product consultancy. In addition to building your app, we help promote your app by ranking on the app store and handle special requests like ar vr. We are incredibly adaptable and can build both an iOS and android app.

LoudEgg’s primary office is located in Manhasset, so we’re conveniently located to serve your business, especially if you have a physical location. Within the LoudEgg office, we’re made up of top product experts, engineers, designers, app development experts, and product managers.  Our Eggheads on the Island have decades of award winning app development experience and have mastered all phases of the process.

We’ve worked with clients of all sizes, from small funded start-ups in on Long Island to enterprise brands. Let’s discuss your mobile app development goal so that we can bring your ideas to life.

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