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Contrary to what you might think, a wedding isn’t just a one-day event. As any Long Island wedding planner knows, weddings start even before the first invitations are dispatched to ceremony attendees. Beautiful wedding invitations, after all, don’t design and print themselves.  

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Wedding Invitations

LoudEgg Wedding Website Creation & Printing Services

At LoudEgg on Long Island, we are one of the longest established printing and website design agencies in the greater New York area. What is more, thanks to increasing demand from wedding planner clients and soon to be wed individuals, we are proud to offer a wide range of personal wedding website design and printing services.

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Wedding Websites

Why Create a Wedding Website?

Are you a professional wedding planner? If so, having a wedding website which you can use to attract clients is vital. Did you know, however, that more and more couples are also investing in the creation of personal wedding websites and landing pages?

After sending out wedding invitations, couples don’t just get bombarded with RSVP replies and friendly well-wishes. As well as RSVP’s, couples and wedding planners get bombarded with requests for live wedding planning and event details. Because of this, many couples now create a dedicated wedding website. One where friends, family, and other event attendees, can stay up to date with all their latest wedding details.

  • A personal wedding website helps attendees find essential ceremony and reception information
  • A wedding invitation which directs recipients to a personal wedding website helps recipients RSVP instantly
  • Wedding websites help commemorate events long after they are over
  • A personal wedding website can be used to provide attendees with vital dress code, wedding menu, and location details

White Label Wedding Website Examples & Invitation Printing

If you are a Long Island wedding planner, there is a high likelihood that many of your clients now expect to benefit from a personal wedding website. There is, of course, just one problem. As a wedding planner, your expertise likely lies more with location scouting and event planning than it does the intricacies of contemporary website design.

Thankfully, at LoudEgg, we make creating highly visual wedding websites easy for local wedding planners. This is thanks to the fact that we can create wedding websites for wedding planners, each of which can be customized to feature your wedding planner branding.

Foil Wedding Invitations
Foil Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation & Stationery Printing

Being a local web design agency and graphic design company, LoudEgg strives to be a one-stop shop for all our client’s wedding planning requirements.

As well as wedding website design, we can also design and print a wide variety of beautiful wedding stationery items. Such items include (but are by no means limited to) the likes of elegant wedding invitations, thank you cards, and custom wedding favor cards.

Helping You Get Hitched Without a Hitch

Are you a soon to be happy couple or local wedding planner? If so, allow us to help you plan and execute the perfect big day by finding out more about our white label wedding invitation and printing services today.  

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