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Logo Design & Branding On Long Island

Branding & Logo Design
Branding & Logo Design

Logo design is derived from the Greek word logo, which means persuading by the use of reasoning. For thousands of years, companies have used a mark or symbol to readily identify their products and services for their customers to ensure quality and consistency. In the same fashion, creating a dynamic logo design for your company is essential to your branding. It need not be fancy, only impactful and recognizable.

Number 1 Priority Is Logo Design

A logo is an integral component of the branding of any organization. It is essentially the face of any business and a brand without a logo is a faceless and unrecognizable entity.

Logos can have a major influence on the perception of the public, many a times, the logo design is the first thing prospective customers notice about a brand. Thus, logos are much more than symbols or images, they are an efficient and succinct way of communicating information about your business to your customers.

A point of recognition for customers and a fundamental infrastructure for the branding of your company. This is why the logo design is undoubtedly one of the most vital branding investments any company can make. Creating a strong logo is the first step towards building your company’s brand and conveying the vision of your business.

A Unique Designed Logo

Logos should be unique and distinctive in such a way that they can easily be recognized, yet simple enough to work across several media. A great logo design is one that is attention grabbing, in other words, it should be memorable. No matter how unique the logo of your brand may be, if it is one that can easily be forgotten, then it has not served the purpose for which it was designed to.


A unique logo design is arguably the most visible element of any company. Thus, you should dare to be different from your competitors in your logo design, regardless of how crowded your industry is. Your logo tells a story and you do not want that story to be a generic one. Beyond creating a good first impression, you want the logo design of your company to create a lasting positive impression in the minds of your customers such that whether they see it blown out on a billboard or stamped on a business card, in color or in black and white, it would still create the same impact.

Elements Of A Logo

Details are of utmost importance in the design of a logo. From the colors to the fonts to the shapes, it is important to pay attention to every single element of the logo design. Each of these elements, as insignificant as they may be contributes to the type of message your brand conveys to customers.

Color Wheel
Color Wheel

As such, it is important to ensure that the details are delivering the right message about your business. For instance, while fancy cursive fonts with lots of bright colors might give off a playful and fun brand image, bold and thick fonts with darker colors will give companies a more serious branding. Imagery and visuals on your logo that do not align with the values of your company will only cause confusion and discrepancies amongst your customer base.

The logo represents your brand and thus, the visuals must be appropriate and consistent with the core values promoted by the pertinent business.

Building Your Brand

As companies grow, their logos becomes more popular and familiar to more consumers. This increased familiarity builds the perception that such a brand is accessible and trustworthy. If you can successfully build trust amongst your customer base, then the foundation has already been laid for brand loyalty to follow suit.

Apple Logo Through The Years
Apple Logo Through The Years

With brand loyalty, all your customers will need to convince them to purchase a product or utilize a service is your logo stamped on it. Because they trust your brand and they know what to expect from you. As such, if your company does not have a good logo that stands out, then you might be missing out on opportunities that could foster brand loyalty.

Logo Design Agency

We are a growing Long Island logo design agency and will create a brand identifier tailored to your business and ensure your logo works for all printing purposes and on the web. Your brand is everything, and your logo is the foundation of your business.

Generally speaking, a logo is more important than a website.  Without a solid logo and strong brand everything else will not come into place. Given these points, our logo designers will work with you until your brand is 100% perfect.

Whether you need to revamp an old logo or your business needs a new logo altogether, LoudEgg will consult you so we can have an understanding of what your company wants as well as what the customers want. Equipped with this information, we will consolidate these two ideas to determine what your brand needs to enable us to deliver a product that will be most beneficial to your business.

Get A Competitive Advantage

A professionally designed logo is one of the easiest ways of establishing the credibility of your company. It can also give you a competitive advantage that will help you outshine your competitors in the market. This is because customers generally tend to associate the quality of your products and services with the quality of your logo design.

Pantone Colors
Pantone Colors

Customers will likely not take your brand seriously if your logo design is poor and uninspiring. How can your products and services be of high quality if such quality is not reflected in your logo? A good logo is like a professional assurance for your customers.

We are aware of the importance of a creative logo design for brands. This is why at our Long Island logo design agency, it is our ultimate goal to provide you with a superb representation of your brand. Here, we have a team of well trained professional graphic designers and graphic artists who understand the value of logos in the reputation management of brands.

NY Cartoon LogoCartoon Logos

Want to have a bit more fun with your logo? Cartoons are another way for your brand to really stand out from the competition. Cartoons, or toons, are hand drawn by our artists and great for individuals and businesses.

LoudEgg’s cartoon drawings can be used on your social media profile, shirts, stickers, business cards, billboards, tv and more.  Whether the toon drawing is of you or maybe the company mascot, cartoon logos can give you that extra edge in marketing.

Toons are an excellent way to increase brand awareness. Much of the the time your business brand is you, and what better represents you… than a cartoon of you!  If you are interested in finding out more, click here to visit our toon page

We will ensure that every element of the logo design – the colors, shapes, fonts etc. – is scrupulously woven into the finished product to give you a memorable logo that will attract more customers and boost business.


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