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A graphic designer is needed because an image speaks louder than words.

Long Island Graphic DesignerMany make decisions based upon what they see. You buy products if they appear to be attractive and eat foods that look yummy. With this in mind, your visual resources need to create the desired impact on your potential customers.

Your search has ended for a local graphic designer that can create a visually beautiful brand. We are a well-respected Long Island graphic design agency reaching New York City and beyond.

Graphic design is a creative art that can present to your target audience in an appealing manner. Innovative graphics can leave a desired impression on your customers. We can provide our design services to create products that represent you in a unique manner.

LoudEgg is a solution for all your design needs. Our portfolio touches all aspects of traditional and contemporary design. The following is a list of services provided by our creative team of graphic designers. 



Our experienced logo designers can help in elevating your brand to the next level. In other words, design that easily penetrates the hearts and minds of your customers. We can help in perfecting the message you are trying to communicate using elements that include color, layout, and text.

Logo Design

The logo design of a company is an invaluable asset that helps create a unique and distinct identity. Our Egghead designers have the skills and experience to create a visually appealing logo, helping your business stand out from the rest. Brainstorming session is organized at our design studio to come up with a logo that is not only unique but also suits the personality and nature of your business. 


If you provide services or products that need a detailed description of features, we can help in creating beautiful infographics. Our design team can present the information or data in a way that is easy to read for potential clients.

Sticker Design

Do not underestimate the potential of these small but very powerful marketing tools. Stickers can help bring a good amount of business, provided they are visually appealing and convey the right message. Of course we have experienced graphic designers who can present ideas to your customers in a very creative manner. You will find that these small stickers help in branding and creating awareness.

Promotional Design

It becomes necessary for all businesses from time to time to indulge in promotional activities. No matter what your offer, we will introduce it in such a beautiful manner that it has the desired impact. There are many graphic designers on Long Island, but we are different as we don’t cut corners or outsource work to increase our profits. The entire promotional campaign of a client is designed and created by our graphic designers in-house.

Business Card Design

Business cards are handed out to all the people you come across daily, including potential clients. But are these cards really achieving what they are intended to? We can design beautiful cards in such a manner that they leave a solid reflection of yourself. It’s the creative and innovative way in which we design business cards that catches the attention of all.

Letterhead & Envelope Design

One way to leave a good and lasting impression on your vendors and customers is to have consistency with all your print materials. Communicating your promotions and discount offers on a blank paper sent in an envelope from the post office does not make your business unique. Thus we design letterheads and envelopes that carry the same logo and color palette of your brand to strike at the mind of the recipient.

Website Design

A website is the online representation of yourself and/or your business. For one thing we understand you cannot be there to convince your customers about the quality of service or competitive prices. But we can certainly make it impressive enough to encourage your visitors to learn more about you and your business.

We have experts in website design that can liven up your site by incorporating exciting interactive features. We build responsive websites to make sure your customers can find you easily, even when they are trying to reach it using their tablets or smart phones.