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IT Network Solutions

LoudEgg is the leader when it comes to IT companies on Long Island. We have been looking after the managed IT service requirements of many thriving businesses in the area. We have helped in transforming the traditional infrastructure of many companies and enabled them to embrace a technological landscape.

At LoudEgg, we believe that it is the right of every business and home to receive quality IT support services without breaking the bank. In a short period of time, LoudEgg has emerged as a company synonymous with high quality yet very affordable IT solutions for businesses of all hues and sizes. We provide customized packages to businesses depending upon their requirements. We aim to be a one stop shop for our clients when it comes to their IT related requirements. Presently, we are providing following services to operate, manage, and support the IT requirements of customers in following fields.

Installing New Network Or Upgrading Old Network

LoudEgg looks after the existing networks on the premises of our clients. We maintain and repair it whenever needed. We also provide comprehensive services of the creation of a robust IT network that is customized and geared to meet the specific requirements of the business or home. Whether you need to upgrade an old network or install a new network, LoudEgg is there to provide the best IT solutions to you at the most affordable prices.

Data Backup & Recovery

Your data is the crown jewel of your business and you want to protect it at any cost. LoudEgg keeps the information that powers your business safe and secure, protecting it from not just virus and malware but also from hackers and natural calamities. We also keep copies of your invaluable data on the cloud and recover it for you whenever needed. Our backup and data recovery services on Long Island are excellent.

computer securityNetwork Protection & Cyber Security

Your IT network and access to a fast speed network ensure smooth running of your business and communication with clients. We not only help in creating a robust network that provides access to all your employees but also ensure its safety by installing antivirus software and using other security measures. Leaving your network unsecured is giving an open invitation to hackers to destroy it and steal your invaluable data. Our IT solutions include foolproof network protection and cyber security for our clients to give them total peace of mind. We provide unparalleled cyber security services on Long Island to keep our clients free from worries all the time.


IT Support Services

Software Installation

LoudEgg looks after the requirements of software of all its clients. The company not only makes sure that software at the end of its clients is updated and authentic but also provides help and support in software installation. At times, a few steps are not followed correctly during installation because of which software behaves erratically. To prevent such incidents causing delays and loss of data, LoudEgg is always there at the time of software installation.

Taking Care Of Your Storage Requirements

Storage becomes a big issue as business of clients grows and expands. In addition to storage of data in physical form with the help of hard drives, LoudEgg also provides enough storage space on the cloud to its clients to not only store but also to keep the information safe and secure all the time. This information can be retrieved at any time with the help of passwords that are provided to the clients.

desktop support

Desktop Support

LoudEgg provides most efficient and inexpensive desktop support services to its clients. If your business deploys several desktops on which your employees work continuously, you want all computers to work in an uninterrupted manner. We offer AMC to our clients and make sure that all desktops continue to work in an optimal manner by undertaking periodic repair and maintenance of hardware.

Help Desk

We provide IT help desk support to our clients. This is a great help to our customers as they get immediate and professional help on a 24-hour basis without having to pay a lot of money. Unlike other IT companies, you will always find a highly qualified IT professional listening to your issues and providing fast and easy solutions to the problems.


With LoudEgg IT solutions, you do not get any surprises. What you do get is constant monitoring of all the systems, network, software, and technical issues that your business might experience from time to time.

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Why Choose LoudEgg?

There are many Long Island IT companies providing network support to their clients. However, LoudEgg remains the most loved service provider among New Yorkers for the following reasons:

Get IT support when you need it – LoudEgg is right there by your side when you need IT support. It is vital for your business to address your IT related issues quickly. We provide solid support on a 24/7 basis to our customers.

We care for your business – Of course we charge for our services but LoudEgg truly cares for the business of our clients. We realize that our success is intertwined with the success of our clients.

IT team to depute qualified professional to the task – We have a team of talented IT professionals who are specialists in their chosen fields. We depute the right person to do the job at your end depending upon the issue that you are facing, not a jack of all jobs kind of person.

No matter what the nature and size of your business, LoudEgg is always there to make sure that your business keeps running smoothly without any hurdles. Contact us today to know how we can help you in installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of IT infrastructure for your business. You will not find a more reliable and professional IT solutions company on Long Island.