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Long Island Graphic DesignerOverview Of Our Design Services

We use our senses to make contact with our surroundings. Well, we rely on one in particular; more so than the others. On average, we receive more than 80 percent of information through our eyes. Our vision is by far our most important sense. This leads to the inference that we make decisions based upon what we see. Our choice of goods and services are heavily influenced by their appearance. We buy products that have an attractive outward appearance. The saying “you eat with your eyes first” holds true as we choose to eat from visually pleasing palettes. Keeping this in mind, it stands to reason that visual cues can direct consumer preferences. Therefore, your visual resources need to create the desired impact on the potential customers.

Creativity is the factor which will enable your product to really stand out from the rest of the competition. Graphic design is the medium which inculcates said creativity into your product. This creates an appealing visual that instantly appeals to the target audience and differentiates your product or service from the pack. Our team is here to provide you with innovative solutions that has an immediate and lasting impression on your customers. Our suite of services offers our clients with the ability to represent their products in a unique manner.

Your search for a Levittown graphic designer ends with us. Let us assist you in creating a visually stunning brand for your product or business. Our team of creative and motivated graphic designers is at your service. We are a well respected graphic design agency based out of Long Island. We facilitate clients from our local vicinity as well as those hailing from Levittown and beyond.

LoudEgg is the design solution for your business or product. Our team offers full-stack services to meet all of your requirements. Our expansive design portfolio inherits all aspects of traditional and contemporary design techniques. We aim to provide end-to-end design services to our clients for their requirement fulfillment. The following is a list of services provided by our talented and creative team of graphic designers.



We want your product to stand out from your competition. Our approach is to make your business or product form an immediate connection with the customer. The goal is to have your customers select your goods and services subconsciously. We use our Branding services to accomplish this.

Our experienced creative designers can help elevate your brand to the next level. We strive to deliver a unique brand identity to your business or product. In other words, we create a design suite that penetrates the hearts and minds of your customers. We can help in perfecting the message you are trying to communicate using elements that include color, layout, and text. We influence the color, layout and text in a manner that accentuates and perfects the message you are trying to communicate to your customers.

We understand the importance for a full-stack solution when it comes to the branding needs of our clients. Therefore, our creative designers work closely with our other teams (i.e. web designers, graphic designers etc.) to deliver the complete brand package.

Logo Design

The logo design is the heart and soul of a product’s identity. It is also, quite literally, the face of your product’s marketing. Even artefacts dating as far back as Mesopotamia, 2300 BCE depict a form of logo design on them. Our society has been using modern logos as a differentiating factor since the 1800s. It stands to reason that we understand the importance of a logo in promoting a brand recognition and distinction.

Our Egghead designers have the skills and expertise required to create visually appealing logos that instantly empower your business and enable your products to stand out from the rest of the pack. We cordially invite you to our studio, where our productive and collaborative brainstorming sessions come up with a logo design that is not only unique but also speaks to the nature and personality of your business.

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We consume information more effectively through pictures. Consumers are more likely to remember a pictorial representation of a fact or data as opposed to simple text or numbers. The fact is that the human visual system has an innate ability to identify patterns and trends which are then stored in memory more efficiently than mere words. This is representative of the power of infographics in graphic design.

If your product or service is accompanied by a detailed description, an infographic will provide your customers with the best interaction experience. Anything from a user manual to a sales chart can become more user friendly through infographics. We help you get your information across to the customers in a way that is not only easy to read, but also fun to interact with. At the end of the day, this will increase the product’s or service’s viability as well as its accompanying customer feedback.


Sticker Design

stickers on laptop

Do not underestimate the potential of these small but very powerful marketing tools. Stickers can be mass produced and installed almost anywhere with relative ease. A sticker featuring an eye catching design can stand out in almost any location: from a filing cabinet to the back of a laptop. A sticker that effectively conveys your product’s message can leave an impression on a customer from any given location that it may be placed. Therefore, stickers can help bring a good amount of business, provided they are visually appealing and informative with respect to your business.

Our team of experienced graphic designers work with you to create a simple, eye catching sticker design that effectively advertise your business. Based on your needs, a sticker can be designed to showcase your business logo or other relevant information pertaining to your product. Once placed at the right location, you will find that these small “advertisements” help create brand awareness and drive consumers to your business.

Promotional Design

A seasonal sale? New arrivals coming in stock? At some point, it becomes necessary for all businesses to indulge in promotional activities. Promos help customers get acquainted with your business through the special rates and offerings, and then get retained as they start to trust your brand’s quality and affordability. Therefore, a promotional design can set the tone for gaining new customers and keeping returning customers informed about special offerings. A well designed promotional design can catch the consumer’s eye instantly and influence their decision in your business’s favor. In the end, a campaign featuring effective promotional designs will not only instantly boost sales but also retain customers in the long run.

Our team is here to handle your diverse and unique needs. No matter your requirements, we will introduce it in such a beautiful and well laid out manner that it has the desired impact on your potential and returning customers. Our team values quality design over a quick profit. For this reason, our graphic designers rely on a completely in-house design process as opposed to our local Long Island competition, who may outsource the promotional design for a quick buck. When you choose LoudEgg for your needs, the entire promotional campaign is designed and created by our very own graphic designers.

Business Card Design

The design services we mentioned above focus mainly on our clients’ business or their products. However, we understand that to market your products, you sometimes need to market yourself. Networking sessions, investor meeting and customer interactions are most effective when you leave a lasting impression on the opposite party. The idea is that the other person is not just buying into your goods or services, but also into you. Therefore, it is important to provide a lasting, unique piece of your identity to said other person. Business cards are a simple solution to this conundrum.

Business cards are handed out to all the people you come across daily, including potential clients. They are also shared during meetings or interviews. But are these cards really achieving what they are intended to? A well designed business card has the potential to leave a lasting impression on the opposite party. Our team of graphic designers produce clean, beautiful cards in such a manner that they become of reflection of your distinguished self. Our creative and innovative design processes enable the business to catch  the attention of all and leave a lasting impact.

Letterhead & Envelope Design

While one could argue that print media is reaching a plateau, it is still one of the best forms of communication between you and your customers. A majority of end users still look at promotional flyers and letters and get influenced by them. It stands to reason that a blank envelope is not eye catching or unique. A well designed envelope has the power to influence your customers even before they look at the promotional content inside. A well placed logo with beautiful graphics on the envelope can go a long way into making it stand out from the rest of the mail. A letterhead works in a similar manner, by providing an instant impression as your customer recognizes your business logo and message through it, before they view the letter’s contents. Thus we design letterheads and envelopes that carry the same logo and color palette of your brand to strike at the mind of the recipient and provide distinction to your message to the customer.

Website Design

A website is the online representation of yourself and/or your business. It is the medium with which your customers directly interact with you, when they cannot do so directly. As we live in the digital age, a well designed website can serve the purpose of driving customers to your business when you cannot, in person, convince them of the same. Our team of web developers and graphic designers will enable your online presence to be a reflection of your personal self. We create smart and visually stunning websites that not only offer the customer with the information about your business, but also with an intuitive and unique experience that further influenced them towards your offerings.

web design code

Our website design experts can liven up your site by incorporating exciting interactive features. We combine media and information effectively to create a well laid out, eye-catching and informative user experience. We build responsive websites to make sure your customers can find you easily, even when they are trying to reach it using their tablets or smartphones.



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