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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I have too many questions and need immediate assistance?

A. Please feel free to email us at or call 516.369.2654

Q. What type of websites does LoudEgg build?

A. Custom Wordpress websites and custom website applications.

Q. Does LoudEgg build websites for only Long Island, NY businesses?

A. No. LoudEgg is a New York web design company but creates websites for businesses all over the US and the world.

Q. What is Offset Printing?

A. Offset Printing is a widely used printing technique where the inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. When used in combination with the lithographic process, which is based on the repulsion of oil and water, the offset technique employs a flat (planographic) image carrier on which the image to be printed obtains ink from ink rollers, while the non-printing area attracts a film of water, keeping the non-printing areas ink-free.

Q. What type of files can I send to LoudEgg?

A. .PDF. You may also send the file in the following types: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, eps, and png. We prefer that you send .PDF with embedded or outlined fonts. .PDF’s are easier to handle and will likely speed up your turn-around. Remember to save files in CMYK mode, add bleed, and flatten your files before uploading.  Click here to view and download templates.

Q.What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

A. It all depends if it’s an African or European swallow.

Q. What resolution should my file be?

A. We only accept 300 dpi files and no less.

Q. How should I set up my bleed and crop marks?

A. Bleed must extend past the cut-line and will be trimmed from the product during the final cutting phase. When the image is required to extend all the way to the edge, bleed is needed to preserve the finished look and the quality of the final product. Please keep all text at least 0.125″ inside the cut-line. Click here to view and download templates.

Q. What is UV Coating?

A. Ultra-violet coating (UV) is a glossy coating applied over ink printed on paper and dried by exposure to UV radiation. UV coating can be applied by silkscreen. UV coating/varnish is glossier than all of the other coatings. 80 text and heavier weights of paper can be UV coated, however, cover weights are preferred. UV can be used on smooth, uncoated papers. UV can be applied on spot locations of the paper or by flooding the page. This coating application can deepen the color of the printed area. Drying is virtually instantaneous when exposed to the correct level of UV light so projects can move quickly into the bindery. A printed page with UV Coating applied has a very shiny surface.

Q. What is Aqueous Coating?

An aqueous coating is a fast-drying, water-based, protective coating which is applied in-line on press to attain a selection of finishes more economical price than varnish. This clear coating provides a high gloss surface which protects the surface from dirt, smudges, fingerprints and scratch. Aqueous coating improves postcards durability as they go through mail or inserted in pockets.

Q. What is Matte Coating?

A. No coating, no shine. A professional and more traditional look.

Q. What is Die-Cutting?

A. Die-cutting is like using a cookie cutter. A hand-operated, die-cutting machine uses steel rule die shapes to cut through a wide range of materials quickly and easily.