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Email Marketing

As a full-service internet marketing agency, LoudEgg provides a complete range of email marketing services. Email marketing is the most effective way to turn people who are interested in your products into paying customers. To help you do this we provide services for every necessary step.

The first step is to develop an email marketing plan that fits your business. This is critical to gaining reader interest and getting permission to send emails. We can help you with effective ways to build interest and develop an email marketing list. Our writers are skilled at writing effective calls to action that will convince readers to give you their email in return for receiving useful information. We write interesting email copy that also sells with a strong call to action. When your potential customers read our copy they will understand what products and services you offer and why yours are ones that will be the best for them.

Content Is King in Your Emails

After you have convinced someone to give you an email address, you want them to open your emails, read them, and make an appropriate response like buying something. With professional choices of subject lines and split testing we will get people to pick your emails out of the many in their inboxes and open them. Then our copywriters will produce content that is interesting, useful, and will make the reader want more and open your emails whenever they arrive. Our writing will lead the reader down a sales funnel to a call to action and a sale.

Tracking Leads to Long Term Success

We can help you set up an automated email platform, autoresponder, and system for tracking the success of your efforts. This approach lets you schedule email campaigns, keep track of opens and clicks, and know when someone has opted out. We can help you set up the autoresponder to automatically start an email campaign for each person who opts in on your website.

Analyzing Your Data Is Essential

You may be sending excellent emails to your readers but not getting results to match. By analyzing your results you will be able to make changes as needed to keep your email marketing focused on what your customers want and need, what they find useful, and what interests them. You know how this is going by keeping track and we can help you do it. When your open rates are going up, readers like your subject lines and probably liked your last emails. When your click rates go up readers are getting engaged, and when this leads to sales, you are successful. But, when any of these is going the wrong way you need to know right away and make the necessary changes. We will help you keep on top of your email marketing campaigns and be successful.

At LoudEgg do email marketing and a lot more. We will make certain that your email marketing is consistent with the rest of your business and is designed to drive customers to your door.

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