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Joe Maracic

About Joe Maracic

Discover the world of Joe Maracic, a versatile and accomplished artist, designer, SEO, and tech specialist from Long Island, New York. With a unique blend of creative expertise and technical know-how, Joe stands out as a reliable and authoritative figure in his fields. Joe's artistic journey began with his deep connection to his family's Croatian heritage and the stunning visuals of the Adriatic coast, which continue to shape his artistry. His distinctive painting approach merges impressionism and realism, encapsulating the radiant light and colors found on the Adriatic Sea. From the tender age of four, Joe's passion for art was evident. By the time he was seven, he was refining his skills at the Roslyn School of Painting under the guidance of renowned portrait painter Charles Pasqualina. Joe's education continued at prestigious institutions, such as the Parsons Summer Studies Program in New York City and the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, where he completed his studies in 1998. Joe's artistic achievements include numerous solo and group exhibitions, with his oil paintings even gracing the walls of the Croatian Consulate's office in New York. His captivating cartoons have appeared on television, at sporting events, and across various social media platforms. Collectors worldwide proudly display Joe's original paintings, cartoons, and limited edition prints in private and corporate settings. In addition to his artistic talents, Joe has made significant strides in the realm of digital marketing and SEO. For nearly three decades, he has been the Creative Director at LoudEgg, infusing his artistic background into innovative digital projects, including logo design and branding. In 2021, he expanded his reach by partnering with MaxPlaces and MaxBurst, a renowned digital marketing agency in New York. Currently, Joe imparts his extensive knowledge and experience as a part-time oil painting instructor at the Roslyn School of Painting. He lives on Long Island, NY, with his wife AnnaMaria and their daughters Lia and Scarlett.

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