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LoudEgg is a full service digital marketing outfit, offering web and mobile application development services to individuals and businesses on Long Island. We are a team of experienced, committed, competent app developers with a long track record of outstanding service delivery. We help our clients to create user-friendly mobile apps that enable them to facilitate seamless communication with their customers and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive marketplace, one effective way to connect better with your customers and build a stronger brand is to firmly establish your presence in the digital space. While having a functional and responsive website is key to exposing your business to the massively growing population of internet users, you can achieve much more effective results by investing in mobile app development.

These days, it’s rare to see someone living in a city or town without a mobile device. We use our phones for many reasons such as making calls, sending messages, browsing and assessing various apps ranging from our favorite social channels to our banks. This explains why it’s almost impossible for a great number of people to do without their phones for minutes.

People are addicted to their mobile phones. This offers a unique opportunity for businesses to present their product, service or brand directly to their customers. With a mobile app, you can connect with an unimaginable number of people who are already using your service or may need your service.

You Need A Mobile App To Remain Relevant In Your Industry/Niche

If you’re wondering whether your business needs a mobile app to sell products to your loyal customers, the answer is, it does. Every business, no matter the size or industry, can position themselves better in the highly competitive marketplace by creating a platform where they can easily update their customers about new offerings, help them solve problems and attend to their queries in the timely manner.

A mobile app provides more value to your customers. Having a mobile app for your business ensure that customers do not always have to come to your brick and mortar store. They can easily ask for information or order whatever product or service they need on their smartphones. That way, you’re saving them time which is an immense value.


Custom Web Application Development 

Custom Web Application Development

Having a super-fast and high-performing app that delivers the highest value to your customers can make a huge difference between you and your strongest competitors. While everyone seems to have realized the overwhelming benefits of web applications in maintaining outstanding customer relations and increasing sales, you can take a step further by opting for a custom web app that’s specifically tailored to your needs, and offers unbeatable customer satisfaction.

We understand that every business is unique in their ways. So we strive to provide suitable solutions that align with our clients’ specifications based on their understanding of how customers love to interact with their businesses. We have unrivaled experience with Apple and android app development that customers can easily download from app store.

Our custom web app development service takes care of our clients’ unique design needs. Our custom web app services are designed to create an app that suits your individualized brand or business requirements. Doing is important to make sure that your app can be easily distinguished from others which further emphasizes your brand uniqueness and superiority.

We have been serving businesses for decades helping them to accentuate their brand uniqueness through custom-tailored app development services that resonate with latest industry standards and up-to-date design trends.

Our mobile applications prioritize data privacy and protection of your customers to save you from unnecessary data protection breach lawsuits. Get in touch today for your sleek, high-performing and unique mobile app development service for your business. 


We Provide Applications That Help You Scale

At LoudEgg, our mission is to design topnotch applications that place our clients ahead of their competition. No matter your business or industry, our team of professional app developers are competent enough to deliver an amazing mobile and web app development service that will increase your brand awareness, attract more customers and skyrocket your profit.

We will apply our years of experience in app development to create an app that delivers the best user experience. We combine our expertise in design and development of application solutions with deep business insights to create an app that your customers can use conveniently on their mobile phones and tablets for any purpose. All they need is to visit the browser for web app or visit an app store and download your business mobile app.


Top-Quality App Development Services At Affordable App Cost

Web Applications

We provide web app and also a wide range of iOS and Android mobile application services so you can easily reach your customers on their favorite devices.

Mobile App Frameworks

To get the most out of your mobile app, you want to decide on the suitable development framework that works best for your customers. Our experts will guide you on different options you have to ensure that you’re targeting your customers via the right platform.

To do this, we factor and analyze the devices that are common among your customers to design a performance-driven app. At LoudEgg, we offer mobile development for iOS, Android and cross-platform/hybrid development on React Native, Flutter and PhoneGap.

Programming Languages

We understand that the learning curve of programming languages such as java, javascript, python, C# and Php could be steep for many businesses. This can be particularly more challenging when you consider the fact that you have to focus on growing your business to maximize profits.

Our team of experts are well-grounded in any form or type of programming language. We help you implement the right one for your application to ensure seamless exchange of communication between you and your customers. Our app development services are topnotch and hard to beat.

Web Application UI Frameworks

Although more people find their mobile phones handy and use them often to run programs, it however doesn’t mean that web apps are obsolete. We can help you design and develop a highly responsive web app with excellent UI/UX frameworks. Our team of web app development experts have extensive experience and knowledge of different UI frameworks such as Angular, React js, and Vue js. 


Our team of experienced backend developers creates robust, secure backends using node js, Spring, Django,, or Laravel. We also provide the integration of your back ends with an app(s) with any third-party systems of your choice.


For secure databases, our experts securely store clients’ data and information using database application development tools such as Mysql Mongodb, or Google firestore(real time database). 

Hosting & Cloud Services

We also provide hosting and cloud services to ensure that your app remain accessible to your customers. We have a wide range of options for this including AWS, Azure, Heroku, Digital Ocean, and Firebase.

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