LoudEgg is a creative agency based on Long Island, NY that offers more than just logo design. If you haven’t hit this step already, you’ve come to the right place. You have an idea and the passion to bring it to fruition, but just need a little boost to get things going. Some stationery, maybe some envelopes and of course the packaged deal. We’ve got just what you’re looking for. The image or slogan that can connect and leave your brand ever imprinted on the minds of your target market.


Before the logo design you will need a name for your brand. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Yes it would, but it probably wouldn’t have become such a classic. In order to spread the word, you have to have a word to work with. So if you can’t think of one that will stick in peoples’ minds, let’s throw some around. The more heads the better.

Logo Design

The logo is your business identity. The logo design represents your company, giving your clients an idea of what you are all about. Whether you need a corporate or playful logo, let LoudEgg’s team of graphic designers create it for you. On average a person has 5 seconds to see your logo so you better make a good impression. We will make certain your logo design will translate well on business cards, shirts, posters, billboards… and of course websites.


At LoudEgg we love to draw, we really do.  Need a cartoon for your business, an illustration for your website, or a caricature for a Twitter avatar?  Toons can make a great logo design. Let us create it for you.  Humor can add a visual dimension to your marketing, advertising or press releases differentiating your message from your competitor’s.

Are you an art collector?  Lead artist Joe Maracic’s toon drawings have been displayed worldwide.  Mostly his art is inspired by his hometown of NY’s sports teams, but this cartoon universe is ever expanding.  His drawings are available on high quality canvas using museum quality inks.  Check out Joe’s Instagram @joemaracic to view more of his work.

Every toon is hand drawn on paper first to get the feel for the caricature.  After sketch approval, the cartoon is redrawn in a vector program so the art can be displayed on just about anything.  Pricing can range depending on how intricate of a toon is needed.  Whether you need one face drawn or an entire entourage, contact us today and let’s get the egg rolling.

Graphic Design

LoudEgg has a dynamic team with combined experience in all areas of contemporary graphic design, taking any project through from initial concept to finished print or digital output. We know exactly what is required to produce stunning and informative print across a wide range of markets. We also understand the importance of deadlines and sticking to tight budgets. Projects are undertaken on any subject and are seen through from initial research to completion. Our design and editorial experience means you’ll get a high quality product at the most competitive price.

Let us be your Long Island creative agency.  Contact us today and let’s get the egg rolling.